Why Travel? – List

View from the Duomo Cupola toward Santa Croce
One reason to travel is for amazing views! This is the view of Santa Croce from the Cupola of the Duomo. Florence, Italy,

Why Travel? – List

Fountain near the Petit Trianon Chateau De Versailles

There are many reasons to travel! If you find your reason I promise it will enrich your life.

So here’s my list of why I travel :

  • its fun
  • I like to see and do new things
  • to learn
  • to see masterpieces of art and architecture
  • to explore history
  • for adventure
  • for a change in pace
  • to be open to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • to appreciate other cultures and people
  • to see views like this one below (check our our World Traveler Gallery for more)
View from Burg Rötteln, Lörrach, Germany
  • to explore
  • to walk
  • to eat good food
  • to be inspired in my daily life
  • to have something exciting to look forward to
  • for cool stories (read some of our Travel Vignettes)
Picnic under the bridge Fribourg, Switzerland

leave a comment below on why you travel.

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