Siena, Italy – Travel Vignette

Siena, Italy
Siena, Italy in the Rain

Siena, Italy  – Travel Vignette

Eating Panforte

The rain splashed down on the cobblestones and bounced back up making everything from the knee down soaking wet.  We had huddled near an old door opening for the 6” of cover from the rain in an effort to keep our faces dry.  It had been drizzling all day and the air was heavy with water.  The sloped narrow lanes were slippery, so the going was slow.  Our shoes were soaked with feet tired from all the walking and sloshing.  I looked down from this scene of what might be considered misery, to see the powdered sugar faces of my son and dad, as they stuffed Panforte down their faces.   Both had the biggest grins ever.  We were stuck in the pouring rain, but we were in Siena, Italy.  We had just taken a tour of the marble striped Duomo and Baptistery under the hill.  Now there was sweet nut and fruit cake to be eaten.  Who cares if it’s raining!


Siena, Italy Visit July, 14, 2014

Piazza del Campo Siena, Italy

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