Before You Leave, Travel Checklist – Travel Tips

Train Station Cologne, Germany

Before You Leave, Travel Checklist – Travel Tips

Ok, so sometimes you forget things and need a list to remind you.  Or perhaps we have some items you didn’t think of.  You have a lot to do just before leaving on your trip. Here’s our list of items to take care of, before you leave for your journey.  If we have forgotten anything, let us know in the comments below.

Boarding a Plane

Before You Leave, Travel Checklist

  • Get a neighbor to check your mail or get the post office to hold it
  • Find a sitter for the pets, and the kids too if they aren’t going!
  • Get a friend to water the plants while you’re out
  • Pay your bills or set autopay while you are gone, you don’t want to pay late fees
  • Clean out the refrigerator all that food will be rotten when you return
  • Take out the trash it gets super stinky
  • Leave your itinerary with family
  • Did you pack yet? See our article on packing light here Pack Light Work Less – Travel Tips
  • Set a timer for you lights while you’re out
  • Don’t forget your toothbrush
  • Be sure to check in online for flights and seat reservations
  • Print out any train tickets or boarding passes
  • Unplug the coffee pot!
  • Turn off the water valves at toilets (flush them first), you don’t want any flooding surprises when you get home
  • Set you HVAC to a more efficient temperature
  • Do the laundry it will smell bad when you get back and you’ll need to wash up the trip’s clothes
  • Wash the dishes or you will be sorry
  • If driving, inspect the car, change the oil, make sure it’s safe, and put some gas in the tank
  • Don’t forget your clear plastic bag with liquids for carry on, if flying
  • Pack your phone charger, and charge up the phone
  • Pack any prescriptions you need
  • Don’t forget your glasses, you might want to read menus
  • Make reservations for museums, tours, rental car, and restaurants
  • Research your destination so you know what to expect
  • Preview google maps of the area you are traveling to
  • Go through your packed bag to see if you can lighten it up, you packed too much already!
  • Rest you will need your energy
  • Don’t forget the camera or phone for pictures
  • Bring your smile

Before you leave, Travel Checklist for International Travel

  • Don’t forget your passport, and make photocopies for recovery if you lose it (pack it separately from your passport)
  • Save a copy of your travel documents to the cloud, for easy access
  • Check the expiration date on your passport, usually you will need at least 6 months extra
  • Renew your passport, if needed
  • Notify your bank you will be using your ATM card internationally
  • Download maps to your phone to use offline
  • Install any apps to your phone you want to use while traveling
  • Download some movies, reading material, or music, the flight will be very long
  • Set up your international phone plan, if needed, or set up some type of Wi-Fi calling and or texting to contact family at home (its best to test and install before you go)
  • Write the full address of your hotels on paper in case you need directions or have a hard time explaining to the taxi driver
  • Pack your electrical outlet adapter
  • Do you need travel insurance?
  • Take that pack out and review your items one more time, it’s still too heavy

Now that you have taken care of all these important items, go and enjoy your trip!  Go Artway Today!

Enjoy your trip! this is me having a mass of beer in Nuremberg, Germany.

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