Oreon Williams took his first trip abroad while studying at Auburn University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1996. He has since repeated his trips abroad making it a point to visit multiple countries on each visit. Most of his journeys have had an emphasis on viewing art, architecture, and cuisine. When he is not busy practicing Architecture or traveling, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Allison Williams graduated with an Associates degree in Graphic Design. She works as a web developer and graphic designer for local businesses in her hometown. She also paints and draws in her spare time using multiple mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, and India ink. She enjoys competing in Art shows, visiting art museums, attending animal and flower shows, and finding fun ways to entertain her children.

Oreon and Allison met in a courtyard while discussing the intricacies of certain British television programs (Doctor Who). They married in a whirlwind romance involving the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disney World, and blended their family for a (current) total of six children.

They spend their days laughing, painting, and planning their next journey together. Every article, photograph, or other media on this site, unless otherwise noted, is by Oreon and/or Allison, so they can share their experiences with art, travel, and life.