Musei di Fiesole, Archaeological Area & Civic Archaeological Museum – Museum Reviews

Fisole, Italy
Musei di Fisole, Archaeological Area

Musei di Fiesole, Archaeological Area & Civic Archaeological Museum – Museum Reviews

Amphitheater Steps

If you are in Florence, Italy you should consider a day trip to Fiesole, to visit some Roman and Etruscan ruins.  It’s just a short bus trip from Florence to the, way less crowded, little town of Fiesole.  Take bus 7 from Piazza San Marco.  This bus info is current at the time of writing this article, it always best to verify.  Use the link to the Museum’s website below.  Upon arrival cross the street from the bus stop and go behind the cathedral to find the ticket office.

The Amphitheater
Temple Ruins

Upon entry you are presented with the mostly intact amphitheater along with amazing views of the surrounding country side.  The theater is still in use today and they were setting up a concert while we viewed the area. Sitting in the seats you can really imagine what it was like during roman times.  What drama must have taken place here?  As you make your way around the site you can view the ruins of Roman baths, an Etruscan temple, and Etruscan walls.  It really is a nice site that contains thousands of years of history.  Ancient runs mixed with olive trees and views of the surrounding Tuscan country side, what’s not to like?  I also enjoyed the peaceful break from the extremely crowded Florence.

Roman Ruins

The Archeological museum contains a nice small collection of Etruscan and Roman artifacts.  They have ceramic, bronze and stone artifacts including an impressive bronze lioness (ok, it’s in pieces you have to use your imagination kids).  You will be able to stroll through at your leisure and read every plaque, if you wish, as you will most likely have the place to yourself.  There’s also an exhibit on the medieval period so they cover quite a bit of history in this small museum.

View of Tuscan Countryside

You can also get a combo ticket and visit the Bandini Museum just across the street.  There you can see some Tuscan Medieval and Renaissance art and antiques collected by a Librarian who worked at Florence’s Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana.  If you have the time you might as well check out this small museum too.

If you’re looking for an easy day trip while in Florence consider Fiesole.   It is worth it just for the views back toward Florence.  Go see some ruins.  Go Artway Today!

For More information check out the Museum’s website here:

Fiesole, Italy visit July 2014.

View From Fiesole Toward Florence, Italy
And to be fair, here’s the view of Fiesole from Florence’s Piazzale Michelangelo

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