Luxembourg Gardens – Travel Vignette

Bringing Back Coffee at Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens – Travel Vignette

Toy Boats at Luxembourg Gardens

It was cool October afternoon, I could see the Eiffel tower over the glistening auburn trees of Paris in autumn.  I was surprised at the number of blooms as summer was over.  I had went for a coffee while my wife took pictures of the flowers.  Walking back and holding a hot to go cup in each hand I was mesmerized by the view, it was like a Van Gogh painting.  The colors, the lines, the light, all accentuated by the setting sun.  Orange hues of light played with the magenta flowers and danced over green grass.  The smell of fresh espresso mixed with the scent of vanilla ice cream, as I walked passed another vendor, somehow matched the surreal composition.  It was like the smell of clean water, not what you expect from a dingy city.   The sounds of the kids playing in a playground and the happy conversation from the nearby lawn filled the air with tones of mirth.   It was like the air was thick with smiles.  My senses were overtaken by the beauty of this place that is Luxembourg Gardens.  It was just a trip to get coffee, but I was reminded of why I love to travel, it is for delightful memories like these.

Luxembourg Gardens Visit October 11, 2017

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