Passports – Check!

Passports! Hooray! We instructed them to look grumpy in the photos, like they just got off a 12 hour flight.

Passports – Check!

I was standing in the local passport office and struggling with my smallest because she wants down.  She doesn’t understand an office is not a playground.  For a one year old, all the old dusty office furniture and dingy floors are very inciting.  Her little fit didn’t bother me at all, my mind was on the endless possibilities of travel.  The promise of new things and new experiences.  The potential for adventure still lingers in my mind.  We sent off for the two oldest girls passports yesterday!  Hooray!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Walls

Next year about this time they will be walking fortified medieval city walls in Bavaria, or viewing the breathtaking alps, or strolling through a village vineyard in Burgundy, or sipping tea in England.  We are taking the girls to Europe!  This will be their first time crossing the pond.


We are still researching this adventure, but have made the first step.  We have spent money on passports and made a commitment.  See our article titled “How Can You Afford to Travel? – Travel Tips” for more information on commitment.

We plan on taking the girls to Germany, Switzerland, France, and the UK.  One of our girls is researching sites in Germany and the other is exited about “real English tea”.   We are happy to include them in the research, it’s their trip too.  Make some plans with your family.   Get your passport!  Oh, and their’s too!  Go Artway Today! 

Grapes in an alley Vitré, France

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